Celebrating the collective impact of working together 

National Volunteer Week is a key opportunity to celebrate, acknowledge and recognise volunteers throughout Aotearoa New Zealand.

Media contact:
Michelle Kitney
Chief Executive, Volunteering New Zealand
027 681 4956

National Volunteer Week Context: 

National Volunteer Week 2021 runs from June 20-26. This year’s theme is Recognise, Connect, Reimagine.

The power and potential of volunteering, Mahi Aroha and social action shines through at times when our communities are stretched and challenged.

Join us this National Volunteer Week to celebrate how our communities are stronger when working together. Volunteers help shape the world we want to live in, now and into the future!

Getting involved:
  • Produce a feature story about NVW –  This could be a profile about a volunteer and/or group or a broader piece thanking and acknowledging Volunteers in New Zealand
  • Share NVW content on social media –  Tag #NVW2021
  • Other – create your own campaign!

Volunteer statistics:

  • Approximately 21.5% of New Zealanders undertake volunteer work.
  • The value of formal volunteering is estimated at $4 billion per annum.
  • New Zealanders contribute a total of around 159 million hours of formal volunteer labour each year to organisations.
  • Typically, rates of volunteering for those who are employed are higher than those who are unemployed or not in the labour market, with the exception is those over 65 years old.

When the measure of volunteering is expanded to include formal and informal volunteers, and long-term and short-term volunteering, rates of participation are significantly higher.

  • 49.8% of people 15 years of age or older reported having performed formal and/or informal volunteer work.
  • From people who had volunteered, 28.2% volunteered through an organisation and 36.5% volunteered directly.[1]
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